It´s one of the most complicated drills of practical shooting where balance, smoothness and coordination are mixed, all to achieve a better precision while shooting. The shooting in the move is a very open field, not only includes shooting while walking or running, also while we leave a position or we come to a new one.

The goal of shooting in the move is to avoid stopping. Although the shooting cadence is slower to achieve the same accuracy, we compensate by walking several meters avoiding braking and exiting from the position.

We need to evaluate in a stage if worth to shoot in motion or not, sometimes the difficulty of the targets is too high and we may not feel safe enough to do so. Keep in mind that what might be two A’ standing could be two C’ on the move even a Miss, and all to gain 0.20 “or 0.30”. You must have a lot of practice to perform this technique on a regular basis.

It should be noted that many times it´s not necessary for our feet to be in motion, a simple balance changing makes our body change the position while shooting. We can differentiate two types of shooting on the move: Positioned shooting on the move and shooting on the move with displacement.

Positioned shooting on the move

It consists in changing the balance of our body with no displacement. This type of movement is executed especially at exitings and coming into position. The first, to gain the start while our body is moving and taking the advantage of the inertia. The second, to avoid having to sudden brake and soften the approaching, anticipating the shot before being fully stabilized.

Shooting on the move with displacement

It consists on moving while shooting, walking or running. Any progression of our feet while shooting is considered shooting on the move. It´s important to know that in side displacements our body must be oriented towards the targets, always crossing the right foot forward if we go to the left and vice versa. Forward and backward displacements the feet must step on the ground trying to follow an imaginary straight line, we must bring our knees together as much as possible avoiding losing stability.

At shooting on the move, it´s always suitable to have the balance of the body as low as possible in order to progress with a certain stability and smoothness. The steps have to be short using our heels correctly and making heel-toe-heel play the most efficient as possible. We must try to maintain linearity in the movement avoiding leaps and wrong support.

As well as all other aspects of shooting, dry firing is fundamental. Many hours of training are required to master this technique, but the all the effort always pays off.